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The Battery Anodes We Need

We need high performance batteries for electric vehicles, portable electronics, and to provide energy storage for intermittent renewable energy resources. Graphite as conventional anode material can’t satisfy those needs. At Nanode, we are focused on the design and production of high performance anodes for lithium and sodium ion batteries that can meet those needs and beyond.

We produce metal alloy anode which has higher energy storage capacity, simpler one-step preparation method, and shorter manufacturing time than traditional anodes.

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Our Technology

We have adapted melt spinning technology to produce metal alloy ribbons as anodes for batteries. This simple one-step process turns melted metal alloys into free-standing ribbons. These free-standing ribbons can be used directly as anodes, avoiding the conventional slurry preparation of graphite, including slurry mixing, coating, and drying.

Our technology not only makes higher performance anodes, but also saves time and resources for your battery manufacturing.

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Products & Services

Lithium Ion Anodes

High performance, free-standing, drop-in anodes that fit directly into your lithium ion battery production line.

Sodium Ion Anodes

High performance, free-standing, drop-in anodes that fit directly in your sodium ion battery production line and lab tests.

Customized Anodes

Have a great idea in mind? We can customize compositions and structures too.

Metal Alloy Ribbons

Not looking for a battery anode? We can produce metal alloy ribbons for you too!

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